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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Tip: Face unpleasant tasks with a cheerful sound and #CelebrityADHDSUnday

There is an old saying, "It takes a heap of living to build a home," and it is always time to clean my heap.
But the motivation is what it takes to do the work.
I used to mind the work as being tedious, odious and hateful. But, that's not important now since I have my iPod touch and Old Time Radio.
I find that I can do chores with the mp3 player.
If I want to clean up and need to get cracking, I choose a fun story to listen to from a number of downloads that are free on iTunes podcasts.
So, now I will do like I say, and sweep the kitchen, do dishes and make the bed while listening to "My Friend Irma."
I love stories, and I learn a lot too.
Some people like to listen to music as a motivator to clean, that is OK too.
Whatever it takes to make your home a gorgeous place is well worth it.
I didn't watch TV last night, and that was great.
I also spent another 60 minutes at the local gym working out.
My daily gratitude is regarding my iPod Touch. I am grateful to have such a great toy that I can use to get lost in stories and song, and it is a great backup to my smartphone.  When my phone is charging, I can go online and check my Twitter account and post things up with my iPod touch.
Here is a celebrity I think who has A.D.H.D or A.D.D. by the way he acted, and felt the need for high-risk behavior and stimulating experiences that cost him a lot...remember, he can hyper-focus on the thing he loves, golf..however, none of us is perfect, including the formerly highly-respected sports superstar Tiger Woods.

I don't know whether he is a genius or a crackpot, or whether he has A.D.D., or A.D.H.D, or is just a thrill-seeker.  Still, we have met something more of the REAL Tiger woods. How he will try and change our impression of him now remains to be seen.
Be good,
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Tip: Make time to exercise

Today is the third day in a row I am going to the gym.  I use only one machine, the recumbant cycle.  The Nautilus.  I sit on it and pedal for an hour.  I do intervals between level 4 and level 20 for 60 minutes, while studying a self-help book about getting real about getting rich.
The reason I pedal on the recumbant is to get cardio exercise, and tone my thighs, tummy and buttocks, areas I want to firm up.
Well, it is Saturday and I am scheduled to work at the radio station from 4pm-10pm.  I am going to the gym, walk the dogs, work on the songs for my upcoming St. Patrick's Day gig at the Loose Moose, make some food and go to work.
My daily gratitude is regarding my gym membership. I am grateful to have a place where I can go to exercise.  I don't have to exercise at home, but I can exercise in a nice place, on a machine that I like and go there and strengthen my body daily, and lift my brain.  They also say exercise and sleep assist in the learning process and in helping people with A.D.H.D to burn off excess emotional energy in a healthy way!
Have a great day and keep moving, and grooving!

Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Tip: Schedule Less to do more

Does it seem to you time just evaporates when you make a giant to-do list?
I have some priorities that need to get done everyday whether or not I put them on my to-do list.
These priorities surround my pets, my home and my personal needs such as good grooming and exercise.  Nevertheless, mere existence is not the only thing I am focused on.  I have many other things I would like to do besides, eating, sleeping, dressing and exercising myself and the dogs.
But, these recurring chores have to find a place in my day because they are mandatory for a pleasant existence.
One of my biggest time-suckers is TV-watching!  I like to watch mysteries and comedies, exciting adventures and for some reason I generally wind up staying up half the night watching TV.
I find it stupid when I reflect on it, why watch so many other people having fun while I am robbing myself of special dreamtime?  It makes no sense!
So, from now on I will try and force myself to not watch TV after midnight.
I wish I hated TV!  It is such a wonderful amusement, but not very profitable or very healthy.
I wish I could confine my TV-watching to Thursdays and Fridays....I think I will try that for the next 6 months because I am on a weightloss trek.
I have dropped 6 lbs since Februrary 17th, 2010 by counting calories and cycling at the gym.
My daily gratitude is regarding sleep. I am grateful to have a chance to recharge my batteries in sweet slumber, per chance to dream.  To help me to make good on my promise to abstain from TV-viewing most nights, except Thurs. and Fridays, my husband helped me to feel good about myself, by purchasing for me a mystery novel, and a glamorous romance so I can unwind to a book instead of to the bright lights of the bedroom HD TV system. Being properly rested will help me in so many ways, I am certain.  Everyone would do well to get enough sleep, and keep off too much TV!'

Well, time to get moving!

Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Tip: Try and take a compliment

One of the hardest things I have found is to accept a compliment.
I got an email from a girl I work with, and the subject referred to a radio commercial I produced.
"Eggstravaganza ad."
Immediately, I thought, she is probably emailing me to complain.  Maybe she didn't like my work....
Well, this is what the email said:
I heard the Eggstravaganza ad and it sounds great!!
I would have never thought of putting the “Chicken Dance” behind it.
Thanks for helping me out!
So, my fears were not warranted.
It is hard for people who have A.D.H.D to believe in themselves.
Maybe it's time we do.
My daily gratitude is regarding my part-time radio job. I am grateful to have a glamorous job in show business as a radio broadcaster.  It helps me to feel good about myself while I inform and entertain others. And it makes me get out of myself, interview people on-air and it keeps me up to date with my community events, world affairs, and it is fun!
So, here's to self-confidence.  Let us find self-worth in what we do, and not by relying on others to praise us.  Once in awhile it is NICE to be complimented too!
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Tip: Be careful when being generous

Today I was charged 30 dollars for a 4 dollar overdraft at the bank.  I thought those days were behind me, but apparantly the way the bank I deal with doesn't care about disenchanting me by whomping me with the overdraft fee. 
Guess who is closing that bank account as soon as she can?  Me.  My gripe lies in the fact that their computer banking system is slow, and to me it feels as if they cheated me because I knew my funds were low, but the overdraft was not evident on my online account when I checked it yesterday. 
Why did I take out too much? 
I was trying to be generous. 
I was trying to buy our fuel for the past month, to help with the household expenses. 
We heat with corn stove fuel and everytime I go to buy it at the United Farmers Cooperative they only accept checks, so I write checks from my business account. 
I don't balance my checkbook, of course, because the detailed work is too cumbersome for a person who has A.D.H.D, that is, for me at least.
Well, I drove to the bank first thing this morning and put in monies to cover the overdraft, monies from a tuition check I received from one of my music students last week, and the paycheck I got from my radio job on Feb. 15th. 
That is another thing I fail to do very often, deposit checks. 
I get checks but I wait for them to pile up before I take them to the bank. 
You may wish you had that problem, but the checks arn't that big, and my employer has been promising direct deposit, but it has failed to materialize.
Money problems have to do with the organizational habits one strives to cultivate.  For me, I try to keep myself solvent by not racking up consumer debt through credit card use.  Nevertheless, if you do not balance your checkbook you may wind up in deep doo-doo, like I did: 
Flushing 30 dollars down the toilet in addition to the 4 dollar overdraft!
So before you write that check to be generous, be careful, you should have sufficient funds to cover it.
Or if you don't, you should have sufficient funds to make good on the overdraft and the overdraft fee!
My daily gratitude is regarding self-employment.  I am grateful to have a home-based business as a music teacher, it helps keeps me to feel good about myself while I educate others.  And it makes me tidy my home and it keep it nice for company, and it continues to nourish me in the field wherein lies my interest, that of music, and it nurtures my artistic ambitions, and entertains me as well, because music is fun!
Regarding money, I know that I need to care more for my income by managing it better, and monitoring it better.
I have a lot of cleaning to do now, since I have company coming over tonight.
Til tomorrow,
Stay happy.
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Tip: Eat right and sleep right to feel alright!

I find because I have A.D.H.D. that I am hardly ever hungry, but I mostly eat for pleasure.  At other times, I ignore my hunger and then I go for hours on end without eating and then I feel famished and weak, and make up for it with overeating.
I think finding peace with food is vital for a good life and my husband and I are working on portion control, healthy eating habits and a good exercise program.
My daily gratitude is regarding the Internet. I am grateful to have a home computer, and the Internet that keeps me in touch with others, educates me when I need to do research on my interests and ambitions, and entertains me.  Regarding the Internet, I know that I need to care more for my band website for my band Molly and Sonny Boy, by improving it and updating it.
Yesterday I did a lot of things in the housework vein, and I almost ate more than my daily calorie quotient, but I did not overeat because I was counting my calories and so, when I stepped on the scale this morning I was pleasantly surprised.  I had dropped some weight, and I know this for a fact, if you count calories and manage your portion control you can succeed in weight control.
As for concentration, sleep is vital for it, and yet I am still lured to stay up half the night watching TV and movies.
I need to cut off my huge dependancy on Hollywood for mental stimulation, and get back into reading books.  That will surely benefit me in dropping off to sleep.
So, now it is time to head on over to the St. Peter food co-op, then hit the gym and do some cardio and stretching, a few full-range free weights, and some weight machines.
Have a beautiful day, and remember to remember, to relax and breathe.
Staying as focused as I can,
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Daily Tip: A good routine can focus you

I know that good habits are the foundation of success.

Applying such advice is not that easy.

Last night it was not easy to clean the mess in the kitchen and do some other necessary chores, even though they are my duty.

We have to sometimes revisit what we are about and what it is we want.

If you have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D sometimes our thoughts can make us work against our best interests, by making us give in to fear or procrastination.

The best motto is: Get it done now.

I am working on making space in my life for better things, both figuratively and literally.

I have too much clutter, and I don't need it all, at all.

I want to make my home a haven of rest and relaxation for my husband, my students, my pets and my guests.

I know that I work hard at maintaining our home, but I have a grander vision for my home.

My daily gratitude is regarding our home. I am grateful to have a home, and now I want to show how
much I care, by improving it and caring for it.

I am also going to care for my own home, my body.

I am starting a 30 minute treadmill walk today and for 6 days a week.

Today is day one on the treadmill.

Have a great day, and develop a good routine, to make you happy with yourself, and make others happy with you!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

© Amalia Zents 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily Tip: Happy thoughts, or don't bring me down & #celebrityadhdSunday

There is a song called, "Don't bring me down."  I've noticed since I have been made aware of my A.D.H.D I have put myself down a lot.
It is vital to a healthy self-esteem to quit that negative self-chit-chat.  We talk to ourselves all day long.  Our attitude is one part of our self-image, and self-respect begins at home with yourself.
I know for the longest time, due to my A.D.H.D. and scattered thinking, I haven't been very respectful of me, or my stuff.
I think that translates to other things as well, and so now, I will try to affirm my own self-esteem by being a little kinder when I think of my condition.
Again attention-deficit is a two-edged sword, it can help or harm  depending on what you or I choose to hone in on.
I think for now I am just going to try and focus on my strengths and also what it is I can achieve, or have achieved.
There is a lot of good in each of us, and a lot we can be grateful for.
That is why I want to make one gratitude statement in my blog each day.
Today I am thankful for my 2 dogs, Cole and Pixie, that force me into the fresh air and get me to exercise and release my angst.

Here's to Happy thoughts.

PS. #celebrityadhdSunday
Here is an example of a celebrity who I think may have A.D.D. because of some of his things he says,

Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily Tip: There is a lot to do, and a lot of distractions

It is Saturday.  I go to work this afternoon at the radio station.  I have chores at home this morning and I am tempted to escape by going shopping instead.  Nevertheless, I need to go to the Hardware store where I can pick up Science Diet pet food for the dogs and the cat, and I need to buy Cat Litter.  The corn stove needs to be filled because the backup heater has kicked in, that means the radiators are on burning natural gas, instead of cornstove fuel.
I hate confusion, and tedious tasks, but I need to hop to it.
How do you deal with the boring and drab chores?  I used to be all over the place, but starting today I will keep a master list of everything I do to keep the house in order.
Well, the house is not in perfect order, but I did not allow a HDP (huge dish pile-up) to happen yesterday.  Instead, I took 15 minutes to nip the problem in the bud yesterday.  As soon as supper was over, I emptied the dishwasher of the clean dishes and put them away, and then filled the dishwasher with dishes I had that were soaking in the sink, and from supper.  I knew if I did not take care of the dishes last night the kitchen would be a mess today.  Thankfully, it is not.  I was able to make a nice meal just now, and it was easier in a cleaner kitchen, except now, I am back where I started with more dirty dishes.  I need to do the same task as last night.  I need to empty the dishwasher and put the new dirty dishes in it.
I have things to do today, and the computer or rather the Internet  and the TV are two of my most pervasive distractions.  The dogs are waiting to go out, and I need to drag a 50 lb. bag of corn stove fuel in to put in the corn burner.
Life is good, and I will have some time before work to decompress after I do my chores.
Take care,
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Tip: Hyperfocus Zone and Internet Temptations

There is a ton of information online, and a great chance to waste a lot of your time.  You can start a search at Google and wind spending 12 hours watching videos on YouTube or staring at Celebrity photos on Tweetphoto.
Time disappears if you have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D and when you have entered into: a phrase I have coined, the Hyperfocus Zone.
In HZ, you can fritter precious momemts of life in many unconnected, mundane ways, or you can decide to take use your skills, experience, and interest and channel your energies into making YOUR life the best it can be, and succeed wonderfully!
Alas, what generaaly occurs in the HZ, is we get so caught up in our Internet fun, that we create an atmosphere of obssessive attention  forming a type of self-hypnosis, that mesmerizes us and glues our bums to our chairs. so that even the thought of taking a potty break does not appeal to us!
How do we counteract this Internet addiction, or hyperfocused zone?
Well, the first things we need to do are Prioritize, Plan and decide.
Then we need to act.
1 hour on spent on Facebook, or Twitter is fine to catch up. 
10 hours is not really very wise, unless you want to, and can afford to.
Do your best to get real, and get offline, and I will too. 
It is hard. 
What good are your opportunities to visit the library, go to the ice rink, the park, the pool, the playground, the community centre, or your job when you have the Internet?
You decide.  You have the Internet now, like a giant fun temptation, a huge personal amusement park, and you also own an awesome ability to hyperfocus on what you like for hours on end.  Will you use your power to hyperfocus for good time use, or for evil time wasting?
Will I?
I shall make my list and hop to it.
I hope you will too.
Hyperfocusedly yours,
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily Tip: Don't start your engine late. Read my scary tale.

You see I am late.  Always, always late. What? You gotta be kidding!  Well, it takes me awhile to warm up to an idea, a problem, a gig, a place.
My boss gave me an ultimatum (well sorta, he teased me about tossing me in the dumpster,) in a kidding way.  Recently for my on-air shift he asked me politely to arrive 10 minutes early to work.  Happily, my attempts at doing so, have resulted on my arriving for my board-shift on time, with me being a lot more composed and prepared for the show.  Now the out-of-town, on-location gigs are a different story.    Read my scary tale:
This morning was a fast and furious one.  I had to move fast this morning.  When I'd finally arrived to meet a colleague to follow him to a broadcast, he was furious I was late!  He'd anxiously waited for me to arrive for our appointment.  It was pre-arranged that I should follow him in my car to another town for the broadcast, and he was positively fuming when I finally walked in the door.  He growled at me that we would have to drive fast.  So, I followed him out of town and he drove so fast, I lost him for awhile, but caught up to him even though I felt he was over-dramatizing my tardiness by driving dangerously at scary speeds to make it to the Cafe on time for the broadcast.  When we had both finally arrived to the broadcast location, and I had warmed up to the idea that it was time to get to work, then things settled down, and it was business as usual. 
The other day I had to meet a different salesman to drive to a broadcast except, in that instance, HE was late, and I felt a tad vindicated THAT morning.  But, NOT this morning! 
It was I who was the one who got dumped on for being late.
Most of all, it was stressful raising the ire of a respected colleague. 
It was also quite nerve-wracking to me to have to follow an angry driver out of town in rural country parts hastening at scary speeds on slippery roads.
The message of this story? 
Don't start your engine late.
Warm up to the idea of your appointment, task or chore, well in advance of crunch-time. 
This goes for me and anyone who has time management and organizational issues. 
A lot of A.D.D., and A.D.H.D-sufferers have problems shifting gears from one activity to another, but real life demands it. 
Just like sticking your hand in a pot of boiling water will make you cry "Ouch," lateness, and the REALITY of it, can bite you in the butt if you ignore getting to where you need to be, or doing what you need to do on time. 
If he says, "Meet me at 7:10am," and you say, "OK."  Then meeting him at 7:25am is late!
Don't be late.  Know what you need to do, and think about shifting gears, and activities before you wind up in a frenzy.
Remember: warm up your brain before you wind up late, or dead!
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Tip: Use monologuing to YOUR advantage

Hello.  If you have been following this blog, you may have noticed I have not yet written about monologuing.  What is monologuing?  Well, in the theatre, a good example would be, "To be, or not to be."  Basicaly speaking, monologuing is speaking outloud to yourself whether people are present or not.  More often than not, the A.D.H.D'er will have someone present, but will hardly notice whilst he or she rambles on and on, usually annoying the other person present, due to the overabundance of speech on the one side, and the lack of conversation on the other.
Why do we monologue?  The answers are varied, of course, but usually it is to try and sort things out in our A.D.H.D. or A.D.D.-addled minds.
If you are verbose, you can use monologuing to your advantage. How?  Well, you might enter the field of radio or public speaking where a wealth of speech is a good thing.  You may be a writer, and create stories and songs, or be a reporter to spill the beans, empty your mind and find clarity, serenity and more.
Here is a strange example of my monologuing, used to my advantage to express my love for my husband the day after Valentines Day:

Try and be as mindful as you can when others are around.  Note: usually monologuing is perceived by others as selfish one-sided conversation.  It isn't, but people think it is.
Keep focused and use your monologues to make money, or make good.
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Daily Tip: Use your imagination to make your ADHD less intrusive

What is something I always advocate if you are like me and have attention-deficit?  The answer is to simplify your life.  How can you and I do this?  Use your imagination to make your ADHD less intrusive.  Sometimes, though not always, looking at a worst-case scenario can be just the wake-up call to spur me to action.  I think about where I would like to be in the future, say 3-5 years from now, and wonder what I should do to make my reality a better place to be.  How you live your life is entirely your own business.  You do not have to restrict yourself to the point of being miserable, but if you find ways and means to apprecate all the good things that matter to you, it might light the way to happier times.
What is it you need to be happy?  Is more space?  Less worry?  More attention?  Less criticism?  It is vital you find out all the things that you need and want to make your life the best one it can be!  Remember Life in NOT a dress rehearsal.  Be a star, and shine on!
Amy Zents

© Amalia Zents 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Tip: Happy Valentine's to dear ones & you too, plus it is #CelebrityADHDSunday

Want a Life? Find a good wife! Want a band? Find the right man!

I used to tear around the state looking for fun and exciting things to see and do.  Now I stay home.  I used to spend every cent I earned binge-shopping and racking up credit card debt.  Now I put my money in the bank, or shop with a debit card using monies I already have earned.
There is a saying, it does not matter how much you have, but what it is you do with it.
As the ADHD'er makes mistakes, and is "burned," by errors in judgement, accidents, fights, boo-boos, he or she will learn, it is OK to relax and just enjoy the computer, the TV, and the pleasures and treasures of being at home.
When you have three "babies," that is, my 2 dogs, my cat. plus the 2 aquariums of fish...all listed here, (see following) you tend to stay close to home to make them happy.

The Pets of Molly and Sonny Boy - Jim and Amy Zents 
Our Official Bandsite:
May I introduce to you first: COLE, also known by various other names too numerous to mention depending on what he did..
Our Coley is a frisky doggy with his own free daily comic online called, "Cole's Kibble"

Meet our dear darling Pixie:

The sweetness and delight Pixie brings with her makes you want to cuddle and kiss Pixie the whole day long,  She is so cute and adorable.  We have other names for her too...Licky, and Heavy-Breather.

Next. I am pleased to introduce to you our El gato, la familia el gato...the family cat:
our sweet, purring Rascal, boy-kitty extraordinaire.

Meet Sugar (a carnivore that has a tank all to himself, he is rumored to be about 10-15 years old)

Meet the "Aquatics." (Saltwater fish)
So a lot to keep us very busy.  Then there is our music, my husband and I rehearse and make CD recordings and the like.
We have a knack for writing fuuny songs.  Comic Relief.  Check out free samples of our product at CD Baby.  Also, available on all the other online retailers like iTunes, and Amazon.

If you have ADHD it is very important to seek out your niche.  That is find your place in this crazy world.  It took me decades to finally "settle down."  Yet still, I continually enjoy traveling, and learning, going places and doing things, and that is why the housework is still often neglected.
Right now, I am going to make the doggies happy and take them for a nice walk outside.
It is wickedly cold again today, so we must bundle up!  If I failed to mention one member of the family, I will make good now.

The man who makes all things possible for our menagerie and me is pictured in the background. 
He is my Sonny Boy, my honey-boy, Dr. James Zents, my tolerant, magnificent husband, Jim.  Happy Valentine's Day to you, to all my family, and you too dear reader!


Before I leave you here is our #CelebrityADHDSunday
Paris admits her attention-deficit disorder to Larry King on TV.
Her behavior of doing what she likes when she feels like it makes it hard for her to obey rules, like with most impulsive types who have ADHD and Attention-deficit.

Have a happy Valentine's day.

Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents 2010

Daily Tip: Toning down the rebellious, childish and opinionated side of ADHD

I find it hard to keep my mouth shut.  More often than not, I find it hard to think before blurting out what it is I see and feel.  Last night I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and found myself texting on Twitter in a laughfest with others; always the naughty "schoolgirl."  Roger Ebert called a lot of the remarks about the Opening Ceremony on Twitter, "snarky."  I mean, I grew up in Canada and I felt that I could contribute my 2 cents worth of how I felt about the whole system there, the bi-lingualness, the socialized medicine, the funny-looking money and their "star-system," versus the celebrity-worship here in the USA.  One Tweeter tweeted that the malfunction with the torch cauldron reminded her of the Stone Henge scene in Spinal Tap.  I added, "Minus the little people."  There was a lot written about the look and tone of the ceremony, and of course the tragedy of the young Olympian who died during the luge training that morning.
Nevertheless, there is a time and a place for joking and let me assure you more often than not at "serious" ceremonies, religious gatherings, office meetings, school assemblies and other meaningful events where more than one person is there, there will be more likely, the ADHD'er, at least, I have found, all excited (stimulated) by the excitement, filled with delight and mischief. 
I think it is vital for the ADHD'er to avoid committing social suicide by studying etiquette and learning how to behave.  NOTE: This social politeness and propriety is not generally inborn, especially with the excitable and adrenaline-seeking ADHD'er.  So, education on etiquette is a must.  I will try to keep my lip zipped on sombre occasions as best I can, and continue to learn how to behave properly.
Still, tact is something that I need to work on, and will share with you all I can as I exercise it in real-life situations, which for me will be hard.. 
The word tact stands for:
T.  To
A. Avoid
C. Causing
T Trouble.
Above are the roses my husband had delivered to me this morning.
He loves me, in spite of myself.
Wishing you the same thing, that is, someone to love you, blurts and all.
Have a happy day, and show love and compassion to others as well as to yourself.
Amy Zents

© Amalia Zents 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily Tip: Avoid Medical Marijuana for ADHD

I can't take the idea of marijuana use for ADHD seriously.  The ne'er-do-well pals I have known that use drugs to cope with their ADHD have claimed it helps them, but from all appearances, all I have seen it do for any and all of them is turn them into slovenly, lazy and worthless human beings.  That is my opinion on using marijuana to help combat ADHD.  I think every one of us with ADHD is looking for a quick fix.
Well, friends, let me say, there IS NO QUICK FIX.  For the highly-regarded medical profession to advocate use of marijuana to get people to focus, get good grades, hold a steady job, manage their clutter, and deal with employees and employers sanely, is ridiculous!
All the drug has shown is what doctors have known all along.  Smoking or using only damages the precious brain all the more.
And that is my opinion.  I don't use, and I hope you won't either.
As you know I am doing an experiment called "Sing out, Clean up, and Work out." Today is Day 5 of the project.  I am delighted to say yesterday my efforts at healthy eating and portion-control was a fabulous success.  Thank goodness for modern food production, and that huge bag of oranges I got on sale that are full of fibre, sweet and delish!
Hope you are having a fine Friday.
I just walked the pooches to stretch my hamstrings and calves and to make the dogs happy.
Perhaps you do not know, for comic relief, I share a daily one-panel comic online called, Cole's Kibble
I am also a singer-songwriter with a BIG SENSE OF HUMOR, again, comic relief.  Enjoy this song I performed and wrote a couple of years ago called, "Good Morning Appetite."  I will lick the weight problem with your help and portion-control, calorie-counting and busy blogging! :-)
Have a great day!
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily Tip: Thirsty Thursday and a suicide of a fashion icon

Well today marks the official first day of my drop the excess fat program, and I am presently sipping diet Dr. Thunder (low-cost generic Dr. Pepper) as I type this.  It is a sunny, snowy morn and there is much for me to do.  Mainly to catch-up on.  There are dirty dishes in the sink and a dryer full of clean clothes.  As you know I am doing an experiment called "Sing out, Clean up, and Work out."  Today is Day 4 of the project.  Yesterday, day three, I was able to, like on Monday, just complete 2 out ot the three.  The one thing out of the three that I generally cannot get done is the Work out.  I didn't go to the gym yesterday.  I kept the place up as best as I could because I have students who come for music lessons.  I have to do a lot today as well.  I hope to also get in shape for spring.
I always marvel at people like Joan Rivers and Karl Lagerfeld, both aged 76 active as can be.  I noticed on Facebook this morning Joan Rivers is in London, England.  She writes: "I got to London late Monday night and headed straight to QVC UK to sell my Conversion Readers TSV! (H14124) Today we had a couple of free hours, so I went to visit Hampton Court Palace outside of London - where Henry VIII spent three of his honeymoons. I could move in here tomorrow!!! Now I'm off to Cliveden, the former FABULOUS home of Lady Astor. Someone bid a lot of money to have dinner tonight with me ?!?!?"
Isn't that wonderful?  Amazing someone almost 3 decades older than me is in marvelous shape and traveling to Europe and pursuing a career in many areas, and full of pep.  The same can be said for Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld who lost an excessive amount of weight to get mod and slender for his fashionable, busy and jet-setting lifestyle. 
I saw a great quote someone posted on Twitter this morning:  Life in the fast lane is hard, start getting ready now."  SO, with all my aspirations, plus the handicap of ADHD, I need to start training, getting fit and getting strong.
Then there are the tragic fashion heros, like Alexander McQueen who was found dead today, of an apparant suicide.  Only 40.  I just checked his website, it was down.
I read about him on Wikipedia, how very sad, someone with such great success not wanting to go on.
But, we don't know him personally, or his struggles.
Well, I will hope the best for him and his family.
McQueen is noted as saying, "Life goes on," after his mother passed, and his tragic hanging by his own hand, makes the saying seem a little too simple.  Life may go on, but we must go on with it, and find an inner peace as best we can by fighting the fight against all that can spoil our valuable and precious time here on earth.  And, if you have ADHD like me, we need to continue our quest to find the notes of sanity in our topsy-turvy world by following our own light and doing what we can to be strong, then a) we can blame no one else, and b) we can celebrate our own success!
Here is a lovely video I made I hope you will enjoy:
Full, happy life
Til tomorrow,
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily Tip: A cozy nest, not a hornet's nest and Pet Peeve.

I must say with only 3 major things on my plate, keeping the house clean and neat is still a challenge.
Yesterday was day 2 in my 18 day experiment of doing the 3 major things:  Sing out, clean up and work out.  I did practice for the St. Patty's Day Gig with my husband.  We worked on such tunes as Early One Morning, All for me Grog and The Mermaid.  We also worked on Song for Ireland which you can see and hear a version of it here taped a long time ago.
We worked out at the gym for an hour.  I was glad that we did because it jump-started my plan to go daily to the gym and got it in motion.
I did dishes morning, noon, but not night; so now, when I go into the kitchen, I need to wrestle with a sinkful of yesterday's dishes.
I was supposed to run the sound board at the radio station for a game last night, but it got cancelled on account of the weather.   We watched a couple of episodes downstairs of an old TV show off DVD's I bought for my husband last Christmas about the ultimate fictional ADHD'er, "Get Smart," and enjoyed it, laughing and laughing.  Then we took the party upstairs and I wound up hanging out in bed with my man, watching a 1977 movie, starring Simon Pegg entitled, "Hot Fuzz."
A pet peeve day: I didn't realize pets can be so demanding and annoying at times.  Yesterday, it seemed every time I went downstairs, the cat was after me, meowing for milk, or the dogs were hounding me to go for a walk outside.
I have music students coming over this afternoon and evening.  The living room is cluttered with instruments, music books and a lot of "stuff."  So, I will be doing some cleaning this morning.  Now it is time for breakfast, a music practice, a jaunt to the local gym and then I will do my utmost to clean house.
I hope you are doing well.  As for other ADHD'ers,  try to limit yourself in worrying.  Yes, you want a cozy nest, and you want the best, not a hornet's nest, but the facts are clear, to worry about all of it only causes pain.  It is best to quit feeling sorry for yourself, and just do what you can do.  Afterwards, you can enjoy the pleasure of it all.
'Til tomorrow, stay focused and keep singing out, cleaning up and working out!
I remain, yours truly,
Amy Zents
Check out a sample of my song , "A.D.D. blues," here, YAY!  My bandsite is back up!
© Amalia Zents

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily tip: My own 18 day experiment in simplifying/tracking my life.

Monday Feb. 8th signified the first day of my "simplification experiment."
I am being who I want to be, in order to do what it is I want to do, in order to have what I want to have.
What does this mean for this singing-songwriting comedic teacher/radio DJ?
Basically, my top 3 important activities for each day are summed up in 3 steps:
Sing out, clean up and work out.
U see.  I have gigs to do, and I need to practice, I have a house to live in and peeps to teach in it, and it has to be neat and tidy, clean and fresh, and I have a body I would like to improve in shape and size..that is DOWN size.
So, I was able to reheasrse for the St. Patty's day gig on Monday with my honey.  We will be performing on Wed. March 17, 2010 for St. Patty's from 6-9 at the Loose Moose Saloon in Mankato, MN. 
I was able to wash up the dirty dishes and tidy up the place on Monday, but I was unable to waddle to the gym to wiggle my weight because the day slipped away so fast, and it got to be too late.
Now having affirmations also helps and I include those in my daily life.
I write my desire out 15 times..of course right now my desire is to be who I am, doing what I am doing so I may have all I desire: the POSITIVE consequences of a musical, clean and fit life.
Self-life-home-career improvements, are they possible for me?
I will keep it simple and see.
Lord knows I have enough confusion upstairs in my brain, I don't need to complicate matters outside of my head, and that is why I must track my behavior.
What is counted counts.
So day one was almost a success.  Today is day two, and I will start by practicing my guitar and St. Patty's day songs.  Here is one you may enjoy performed by my hubby and me, the moniker of our duo?  Molly and Sonny Boy.  Please enjoy us performing, "Cockles and Mussels."

Til tomorrow, chin-up and keep it simple.
BTW, my husband and I performed locally for a grand opening for The Grand Kabaret on Sat. Feb. 6th, 2010, in our town of New Ulm.  Here are 3 photos of us up on stage.  I clipped on the hair, it was a quick do, since I had no time to shower or anything that whole day!

Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents

Monday, February 8, 2010

Daily Tip: Expirations and delayed gratification or have nothing and do nothing.

I watched an edition of Frontline last night saying that the world's attention span is shrinking because we are all multi-tasking electronically wasting time on non-thinking pleasurable past-times like checking emails, surfing the net when we should be working.  Also, people still can't stop texting while they are driving, and more and more gamers are forming close bonds with their Virtual Friends, instead of with folks nearby.
Well, what of it?  Does that imply we all have ADHD  No!  There are lots of people doing lots of things in organized, efficient ways, however, I am not one of them.
On Feb. 4th, 2010, my band website was shut-down because I did not renew my website subscription.  I will hopefully reinstate it today, now that I have the email reminding me that my subscription had expired.  Have I mentioned I support my local library because my books are generally overdue, or I need to buy new books, CD's and audiotapes to replace the ones I have lost?
Yes, there are things we ADHD'ers need than more common sense, and practical tips and tactics to get through our day, they are known as "greenbacks."
I won't begin to regale you with all the dollars I have flushed down the toilet to credit card companies, car dealerships, the local cop shop for speeding tickets and parking fines.  Life as an ADHD'er is hell if you don't try and get a handle on yourself.  To confine yourself to an easier life, you need to have nothing, go nowhere, and do nothing, or so it seems.
There are tender mercies though:  I have 2 hobbies.  Cooking and singing.
These things I can do in the confines of my abode, and they are generally inexpensive.
The only problem is with cooking comes dirty dishes and with singing comes the desire to go out and perform.
Luckily, there is the Internet.  The Internet and video games are huge time-killers that can suck you in and wear you out.
Where am I going in all this?  I don't know.  I guess today's daily tip is make sure you pay your bills on time or get knocked off the net, or wind up stuck.
Time to pay my Internet subscription bill.  Last night, I got caught up on cleaning.  I had a huge dish pile-up, HDP only proving the point that what you resist persists.
I wish I could say that I am curing my ADHD.  But, let us just say I am coping with it from day to day.
I will stop back tomorrow with an update on how my music career is going...btw, my band is going to be singing and playing for St. Patty's day at the Loose Moose Saloon in Mankato, MN on Wed. March 17, 2010 from 6-9pm.  I know if we don't get started practicing now it will not be good.
SO, gotta get the set list and the music ready.
Til manana.  Peace and Mahalo!
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Daily Tip: Memories of Me, caring for yourself, and #CelebrityADHDSunday

I watched the 1988 movie "Memories of Me," with Alan King and Billy Crystal for the first time yesterday afternoon.  It was about a film-extra actor who never could realy get his act together until the final act of his life when his son, a doctor, comes into his life to try and reconcile his relationship with his estranged father. The lead character played by Alan King, BTW a fantastic actor in real-life and in this role, and a greaat comic, seemed to exhibit textbook ADHD traits in his part as the loose-tongued 63 year old.  Eating tacos for breakfast, smoking and filled with boundless energy, enthusiasm and self-neglect.  He basically acts impulsively and recklessly with no thought of the consequences of his words or actions on others.  He also has such low-regard for himself and such self-loathing that he willingly sits in the shadows whilst lesser luminaries, like his former felow extra actors, move on to bigger and brighter jobs in the entertainment biz while he languishes without an agent continuing to struggle for roles as he ages.
I am a talented singer.  Hear me singing here: Amy Zents Sings "Memory."  Yet for the past 48 years I have not advanced beyound doing local low-paying gigs.  Just like the lead character in "Memories of Me," like the Alan King character in "Memories of Me," at some level, I have been afraid to be "discovered."  Yet, it would matter to me a lot.  But, I think I feel secretly afraid.  Also, I don't take care of my health as well as I should.  True, I quit drinking and smoking, but I eat like a horse and don't get enough exercise.
See me here eating a sm'ore yesterday Amy Zents eatig a S'more.
I hope to start on a healthy eating plan and also a daily exercise plan this week.  I mean I do spend money for a gym membership, but I don't go often enough to make a difference.
Before I show this clip, I want to mention, that Kanye West may or may not have been higher than a kite, so he may not really be ADHD, however, folks who let themselves go, and then give into irrational impulsive (and rude) behavior often do HAVE Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and methinks this may be the case in this instance.  But, that is just my opinion.  ADHD is NEVER an EXCUSE for rudeness, but it can be influential in many cases.
And now here is your #CelebrityADHDSunday video:

Til manana. Peace and Mahalo!

Amy Zents

© Amalia Zents

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daily Tip: Avoid the Phantom Pressure

There is a lot of pressure on those of us with ADHD. The culprit is self-inflicted pressure brought on by mental confusion, clutter, disorganization and a tendancy to rush. I would suggest you allow yourself time to do what you have to do. Before you schedule your clients, take time to check your daily schedule to see when it is best to accommodate them so as not to feel confused or unduly stressed. Make your life easier by not OVER-BOOKING yourself. Then check that schedule daily so as not to miss appointments, or worry unnecessarily for something that is not even going to occur that day.
Eat that lovely dinner you cooked and then make time to take time to clean up the mess.
Indeed, the pressure you make for yourself can to some extent be controlled by your planning and permission to be organized and in control. If you want a less stressful life, begin now to lay off the pressure valve by allowing yourself the time and permission to do what you need to do to get things done right. Allow yourself the luxury of time, by scheduling in that buffer time, then you can relax.
Remember the word ADHD includes the word DISORDER, and that is one huge thing we need to fight daily!
© Amalia Zents

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Tip: Avoid Overload, seek minimalism for now.

I think the problems of two days ago are summed up in the statement, "Don't try and live your life in one day."  I had so much catch-up work to do, dishes, laundry, unloading all the stuff from my truck from that music studio display at the Chamber of Commerce, that I overloaded myself and then got worn out.
Perhaps you suffer from the effects of distractedness, and you think, "Wow, I need to catch up in my life." You might even try and make a massive list of all the work and activities you want to get done. Well, the facts are you need to lighten your load, at least that is what I have discovered.
Once you know what the most important things are that need to get done: i.e. paying bills, meetng expenses by working, getting enough sleep; then you need to find a way to get started. One way I would suggest is giving yourself the shortest amount of time possible to dedicate to the task. Then, go ahead and do what it takes to get 'er done. So what, if you did not :
devote 2 hours to working out at the gym, or perhaps you \
did not send a fancy new card to a family member,
as long as you got to the gym for a few minutes, and
wrote to the relative a short note on sheet of paper or a post card, and mailed it, with a stamp on it, good for you!
Minimalism is not just an art form. It should be your lifestyle, at least for now, until you find out what it is you can reasonably do in a longer period of time.

Make sure to hear my song ADD Blues. It is available now at CD baby on my band's latest CD release "Rhythm N Blues Grass," and on Amazon, iTunes, and Nabster.
© Amalia Zents

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daily Tip: No sleep equals a rotten, rotten day

I think someone called Sleep a nectar, and a healer.
Hello dear friend, and fellow blog reader,
Yesterday was extremely trying.  But, I did not waste a lot of time on the computer and in front of the TV.
Instead, I got a taste of the real workaday world.  A taste of what it is like to function with a sleep deficit.
From the moment I woke up until the time I went to bed I was really, really loopy.
What contributed to this lack of focus and foolishness.
Yes, I have been burning the candles at both ends.
Staying up late and getting up early.
I was functioning on 4 or 5 hours sleep and that is a recipe for DISASTER.
I had 5 awful or near awful things happen to me on account of my inattentiveness, and extreme tiredness.
First of all, I put the coffee pot on when I got up at 530am.  I needed to get up that early because my husband, an ER doc, needed a lift home in the truck when he got off work at 6am, since the sporty car is parked in the shed for the winter.
So, I went to make coffee, and waited, and waited.  I needed a caffeine kick to wake me up.  I waited until it was almost 545am for the coffee to brew, and then I realized something...I put the water in the pot and the ground coffee, but I DID NOT TURN THE COFFEE MACHINE ON!  I forgot to hit the ON button, so no brew.
Finally, after I hit the on button, the coffeee started brewing.  I could hear it brewing as I hurried out the door in my nightgown, boots and overcoat.  I had ran out of time to dress and would have to wait til I got home to have my fresh-brewed coffee.
I had to have my husband drive us home in the truck because I couldn't even function to unlock the truck doors, I was in such distress, and my mind felt like such a mess, not to mention the back seat of the truck.
My man drove us home and then I had to go to work.  I am a broadcaster and I do interviews all over the area.
Yesterday morning, I had 4 early morning interviews.

When I got home, I knew I should lie down for a nap, but I had a huge to-do list.
I had procrastinated on so many things, and it was time to play catch up before I had to teach in the afternoon.
So, I did laundry, I walked the dogs, cleaned the cat box, put things away from a window display I had left in the truck, took out all the garbage, etc. etc.  Forgot to eat anything and my blood sugar plummeted.
I thought, "Oh, we need butter, and other things from the store, and I can eat when I get home."
It was getting to be the mid-afternoon and I realized they would re-broadcast an interview I had done that morning, so I thought, "Since I am in the truck, I will listen to it."  I listened to it.  The dogs were with me in the truck.  I left them in the truck when I went to get groceries, and when I came out I realized, I did not have the car running but had left the radio and lights on and I had drained the battery, and the truck wouldn't start.
So, I tried calling home, no answer.  Then, I tried calling Triple A.  In my state of mind, with my new Android phone, I got so uptight I messed up working with my phone: putting it in mute, putting it on hold, monkeying around and seeing a tiny amber bar implying I have only a few minutes battery-power left on my cell phone.
I finally got through to Triple A.
LET ME TELL YOU THIS:  They say that you should obey hunches, well, YOU SHOULD.  As you might have guessed since I have been keeping this blog, I have been trying to find and organize my license, credit cards, other wallet cards including my Triple A card.  It had been lying loose the other day in one of my purses, and on a wild hair impulse, I thought, "This should be in my wallet, instead of in the side pocket of that purse." 
I am so thankful I had my Triple A card.  Finally, when the guy came, I had been reading my truck manual on where the lever is to pop open the hood.  The man barely had to charge it and Lo! and behold!  my Frontier Nissan started, and I got to drive home.
My troubles were far from over.
I had so much to carry in the house.  Oh, buy the way, the nice mittens I told you that disappeared yesterday, reappeared today.  I had left them in the back seat of my cluttered truck.  In fact, I had no mitts for my gig yesterday morning when it was -3 below, if I had looked through the clutter in my back seat, my hands wouldn't have hurt so bad with the cold.
That is the way clutter is.  It makes things vanish.
Speaking of vanish, my husband bought me an expensive Nexus One phone to replace my G1 phone I lost and I really thought I had lost my phone.  I just about fainted.
I searched high and low.  I was hungry, tired, distressed and had so much stress, and thought, "Now, I've done it.  I threw the Nexus One out with the cat litter."  Luckily that was not the case.  I found it later on in. (After many fervent prayers since there are no atheists when you lose something valuable.)  I found it in my overcoat pocket.  I quickly took it to it's port by my bed to be plugged in and charged.  I was very grateful.
Another incident happened yesterday as well.  They say "Sleepy Drivers Rest in Pieces."  I was nearly in a collision yesterday evening after I dropped my husband off at the clinic.  I was turning onto a main thoroughfare and there was a truck right on my bumper honking his horn.  Honestly, I did not see him, but I must have cut right in front of him in my haste to get home.  It scared me terribly, especially when he honked loudly at me.
What really showed me the value of getting enough sleep was my "emergency" with one of my music students.  I had been too busy to check my work schedule.  When the phone rang while I was giving M. her guitar lesson, I had suddenly been reminded I was supposed to work at the radio station to cover a basketball game.  Actually, the phone call was from my sister in Canada.  It made me feel I needed to be to work that night at 7pm, which meant my student had to be picked up shortly because I needed to go, and it was already 6:45!  It turned out I was thinking it was Thursday night, the wrong night.  Her mom came to pick her daughter up and then I realized I was OK.  I had gotten confused as to my nights.  How embarrassing.
So, suffering, work, life, stress, all the many rigors of a busy day need to be soothed with the healing balm of sleep.
I shall have to sleep more and not get so bent out of shape because I do not get enough sleep.
How shall I avoid the TV and the computer to get more sleep.  I will have to try to work something out.
Til tomorrow, get your sleep,
Amy Zents 
© Amalia Zents

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily Tip: Online and Out of Time, or 'Tis the Gift to be simple

Hello my fellow blog reader,
It is amazing how the Internet can be a tool for success and a tool for failure.  It can be a time-sucker or a life-line.  It all depends on you!
If you have ADHD or are prone to being seduced into the magic of the World Wide Web, to the detriment of yourself and others, then let me tell you something: 
There is nothing wrong in enjoying yourself, and nothing wrong in enriching your mind, or amusing yourself by surfing, or "networking," playing video games, or socializing online.
There IS something wrong in screwing up at work, neglecting your family and duties in exchange for a headrush or a "computer" fix.
I struggle with this continually because I am mesmerized by Twitter, Facebook and the like.
So, today is the first day I am going to try to limit myself to only 60 minutes of "on-line time."
I will let you know how I do on tomorrow's blog.
     Like a fish in a fishtank, I am going to look out of my glassy manse, from my corner, and soak in the World Wide Web on my computer screen, but then, unlike a fish in a fish tank, I am going to breathe the real air, in my real world.  And in my real home I will set to: cleaning the fridge, showering, tidying up, cooking, and work-at-home teaching my music students, and then rehearsing, and readying for my 3 upcoming music gigs with my music duo Molly and Sonny Boy, instead of, frittering away most of my precious life-time online.  Here is a great discipline quote I found online on Twitter yesterday:
"Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself." — A.J Heschel
Peace to you and yours, and I hope you follow the advice of that old shaker song written by Elder Joseph while he was at the Shaker community in Alfred, Maine in 1848:

'Tis the gift to be simple

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,

'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,

'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gain'd,

To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,

To turn, turn will be our delight,

Till by turning, turning we come round right.
So, until tomorrow, let's keep turning, turning, and doing what it takes, 'til we come round right, even if it means turning off the 'puter to get our work done.
Happy Hump Day, 
I remain yours truly,
(continually coping with my ADHD,)
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Tip: Do Make Me Laugh, and don't make me eat Rabbit Poop again.

Humor can save a life. It can mitigate strife. I am starting to write this post now and will continue it when I get back from work this morning. It will highlight how ADHD'ers are so often the so-called "Sucker" that is born every minute. I will describe how I got induced into signing on to rip-off MLM scams, and how I wound up getting ripped off online, and how failure to read the small print has cost me, and some of my fellow impulsive-shoppers to get ripped off time and time again.
Why this sad state of affairs? Well, a lot of factors are involved, but it is the ADHD, with it's inherent exciteability, short-sightedness, carelessness, and desire to please, that create a cocktail of self-sabotage.
Enjoy your day and I will check back later. I am off to Truman, MN this morning for a direct broadcast. I am a Radio DJ and must go to work.

Well, I am back from the broadcast and sure enough: umbrellas, sunglasses, scarves, capes, reading glasses, and now, my thick warm mittens, all lost or left behind somewhere, out there....
It seems no matter how often I purchase things to replace what I have lost, when I need to use them they seem nowhere to be found. I am slowly trying to keep track of my necessary items, cell phone, wallet, keys, but it is an uphill climb..which reminds me I should put the keys on the hook, instead of just slopping them down somewhere...
OK, my keys are on the hook.
Back to the original discussion regarding humor. The premise, and the moral is this:
"If u laugh at ur mistakes u have a lifetime of entertainment!" That quote told to me by my husband this morning.
Speaking of lessons learned here is a silly joke with a poignant message:

One day two boys were walking through the woods when they saw some rabbit poop. One of the boys said, "What is that?"

"They're smart pills," said the other boy. "Eat them and they'll make you smarter."

So he ate them and said, "These taste like poop."

"See," said the other boy, "you're already getting smarter."

I had been in college, looking to earn some money, and found myself spending more money than ever going to MLM meetings, buying self-improvement products and not getting any richer, but distressing and annoying my fellow friends, instructors and family trying to pressure them to join my downline..ha! That was the most humiliating experience, it was like eating rabbit poop. I was smarter, when a man approached me in line at the Automotive store offering me work.
I let him take me to Perkins to hear his proposition. It was the same old line. "Get Rich Quick!" I just said, "No." I'd figured out the old familiar yellow-pad thing by now, after having learned it myself. I watched him walk away, and I had to pay for my own coffee. Something told me it was a lot cheaper for me to buy my own coffee, than for me to get suckered into the MLM scam again. Now don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to networking. Roots and wings is the hallmark of good business in my opinion. You want a network of loyal clients for the long haul, and you want to soar in your profession. But, you don't want to be ripped off. The MLM I was involved in was later taken to court and it was found out that the business was a hotbed of fraud.
I went online to buy a car stereo from this company:
Here was the bill I got in an email:
1P-350 DVD/MPEG4/WMA/USB RADIO PLAYER 2005 Nissan Frontier$329.99

Coupon Discount('DEALTAKER'):-$16.49

Total Item Cost:$313.51

Total Shipping:$19.99

Total Cost:$333.50
They never replied to any of my email queries and their 1-800 number is a dead line.
When I got the stereo it was not the right kind for my truck amd the bill found inside the package said it came from the People's Republic of China, and the stereo was only $40.
I tried to get a refund, but did not receive much of my money back in my bank account since there were so many penalties involved for trying to return it, and I bought it with my debit card instead of my credit card.
In the final analysis, it was a big rip-off to me to shop online from such a shady company who sends you cheap stock from China, cutting themselves huge profits. To give a #shoutout to Best Buy, I must say I finally got the perfect car stereo, with modern USB and Mp3 inputs/CD player, warranty and installation for $200 bucks in Mankato, MN. But I wasted a lot of emotion, time and money shopping online. I have had 2 bad experiences with Amazon too since they opened their trade with outside vendors.
Yesterday I wanted to enter a daily contest on Martha Stewart's Radio Blog.
Then today I received this bill in an email. 
BODY + SOUL 1 year
(10 issues) $10.00
"Good News! Your BODY + SOUL magazine order has been processed.
Please take this time to confirm your order information below."
I cannot believe it!  Just by entering the "FREE" Daily sweepstakes, I was now being billed for a subscription to a magazine subscription I do not wish to purchase!  Now I have to waste time trying to undo that subscription mess.  I don't subscribe to magazines because they are CLUTTER! 
Now, $200 lost in an MLM, or $300 dollars wasted on a cheap, junky car stereo, or $10 for a subscription one doesn't want, may not seem much to you. Nevertheless, it cannot compare to a dear lady I met who got suckered into buying a timeshare she poured thousands of dollars into, that made her lose the affections of her husband and that she hates herself for buying into. She says she cannot recoup her losses, at all levels. There is nothing wrong in my opinion with purchasing anything if you want it and can afford it, but a quick financial decision can cause you years of untold grief and suffering, not to mention humiliation, bankruptcy and a poor credit rating.
Get wise: check out the Better Business Bureau, call your local fire department, police department, someone who knows somethimg before you buy or invest in junk you are being forced or driven or duped through high-pressure sales, subtle tricks, an appeal to your greed, desperation, or other reasons. The message is slow down, breathe, be wise and don't be in such a hurry to buy, or to TRUST.
© Amalia Zents

Monday, February 1, 2010

Daily Tip: TV, Twitter and List-making

Yesterday all it felt like was that the majority of my hours were filled with watching TV and social-networking. Not a good strategy when the living room is turning into a dump and the kitchen is becoming a hot mess.
So, today i decided I would limit my time spent visiting online and watching TV. I need to try and follow the master list I created outlining my mandatory responsibilities and general daily schedule. Then I need to pick and choose the most pressing priorities and write them down and do them.
Perhaps it is a passion, or an obsession, but a lot of ADHD'ers, including myself love to make lists. Now, a list can keep you organized, and it really doesn't need to be electronically-generated, the back of an old envelope will do.
Try to keep your list short and concise. Then get the gratifying pleasure of checking off your accomplishments, or not. You decide.
A little list can go a long way in making you a great success.
Til tomorrow, I remain, yours truly,
Amy Zents
© Amalia Zents
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