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Monday, May 31, 2010

Daily Tip: Beware the Dangerous Hazard called, DISTRACTABILITY

Ever turn the stove on to cook something and then walk away from it? Ha!  I just did that today.  The oil was SMOKIN'!
And NOT in a good Jim Carrey-"Mask"-"Smokin'!" sorta way.
No.  Being distracted can be devilish and destructive.
It is easy to forget something we've started when the allurements of the TV and computer are nearby to tempt us away from a boring task.
Being lucky and careful is one part of the "safety equation,"
the other is to be relaxed, present and FOCUSED.
Which of course is easier said than done, especially if you have ADD/ADHD and your brain is restlessly occupying other interests.
2B or not 2B is not about a pencil.
Just Be.
Whether you are on the road, in the kitchen, at work or at play,
pay attention to life.
Be safe every day, not just Memorial Day!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daily tip: Food is an important drug to overall wellness for brain and body!

You can nourish and fuel your brain and body with the powerful anti-oxidents found in vegetables and foods.  But,  make sure to rinse them off well.  They even sell special rinses to make sure you clean veggies and fruits thoroughly to remove bacteria and chemicals from them.
Fresh or frozen?  Fresh is best.
Enjoy the bounties of the season, you will look better and feel stronger when you take care of yourself.

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daily Tip: Your emotions affect your ability to focus!

Why see a psychiatrist and a brain-imaging expert if you suspect you may have ADHD?
Well, there may be a chemical imbalance going on in your PFC (pre-frontal cortex) or your basal ganglia, and you don't even know it!
Your emotions are closely tied to your ability to focus!
Do yourself a favor and get checked out.  Also, consider practicing self-calming techniques like deep-breathing and positive self-talk, for starters!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Friday, May 28, 2010

Daily Tip: Feed your body, nourish your brain.

Last night I made this delicious Cucumber and Carrot Salad.
This morning I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread for breakfast.
It's called "ballast for the belly!"  It fills you up, but doesn't stuff you with empty calories.
I didn't want to eat it but I choked it down and it tasted yummy!
Nourishment is often sacrificed for convenience and tasty junk food.
However, you are what you eat.
So, make the most of what is out there in this abundant land.
'Tis the season for salads, fresh fruits and veggies.
Grab 'em all while the gettin's good.
You are beautiful, and you were made to be cared for like a fine motor vehicle, and a miracle.
So, don't let the advertisers con you into eating crap.
Go for the best.
You definitely deserve it.
And, you also deserve a little junk food now 'n then too.
Give your brain and body the food it needs to keep you strong and healthy.
You can do it!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Tip: Avoid La Vida Loco! Schedule your day for sanity's sake!

Tomorrow isn't here.
Today is.
Live and love today.
One way?  A schedule you follow today.
Plan things for tomorrow.  Then forget about tomorrow and live your schedule today.
Moment by moment.
Tomorrow will come soon enough!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Tip: You can learn good social skills from your dog!

I made a funny quip this morning while walking the dogs:
"Everything I learned in Kindergarten I learned from my dog!"   I know it sounds non-sensical.  The truth is, the teacher may teach you facts about the world, but dogs can teach you some decent social skills such as welcoming people with enthusiasm, and being forgiving, loyal, and cheerful.
"To err is human, to forgive is canine."
When people or problems bug me, and put me on edge, I will always try and remember how my dogs would react:

"If you can't eat it, play with it, or hump it, piss on it and walk away!"

I know that sounds harsh, but life is meant to be celebrated, and not suffered through!
Have a great one!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Tip: Lose your junk, so you don't lose your Non-junk!

One thing I know for sure, from my experience on Sunday, when I lost my keys forcing me to rush to work and therefore, causing me to get pulled over by a cop when I got a citation, and from today when I was rushing to go to work, when I tipped over a full container of hot coffee all over the kitchen counters was this.
It could certainly help if my home were more organized, and there was less clutter about driving me nuts.
That is what I just started writing about on one of my other blogs I've decided to call, Time to Clean Up my Mess
I have decided to clean up our home over the next 3 months.
I have a lot of junk to lose so I don't lose my non-junk.
I need to throw junk out, and sell stuff and get out of my living space things that disrupt free movement in the home.
When the place is clean I will feel more alive.
I look forward to it, and I believe things will be much better for it.
I am glad my husband is willing to help me
So, a more streamlined envirornment will make a lovely home and a happier life!

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Tip: Exercise and pump iron to keep your brain your buddy and stay cool!

Along with headgear to protect your brain, you may want to consider physical aerobic exercise and weight training.
I have ADHD and suffer from an anxiety disorder and depression.
But, due to a happy life based on being married to a good person, and due to less stressors in my life than in the past, I feel blessed to contain a lot of my angst most of the time, and keep positive minded.
Today I made a sweeping gesture in word to my social network on line. 
I said "Good things are coming your way!"
Good things came my way.
I got aerobic exercise on a VERY WINDY WARM DAY, and here is a video of me and my dogs!

I also sing to my dog here:

When people get too hot, they get upset easily and sometimes violent.
It is important to stay cool!
Today we got a new air conditioner for our hot, humid little Master bedroom.  It was on sale.
Of course, since my husband checked it out ahead online, I knew it would be a good one.
My husband did all the research on quiet air conditioners for the 10x10 bedroom.
Here is a video of him.

We thought we'd have to pay the sale price of $279 plus tax for the remote controlled air conditioner with all the fancy bells and whistles, but we got it for clearance price at $199 at our local Sears store!
What a blessing!
Also, we know that we need to work out at the gym more often.
I am listening to a good audio book that talks more about that called Healing Anxiety and Depression by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.  It is chock full of great advice.
Stay cool! 
Always remember, "Good things are coming your way!"
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daily Tip: Don't sweat the big stuff. My story

Today I met a police officer I hadn't met before.  What does this mean?
It means that I see police officers now and then when my driving skills arn't up to par due to my anxiety and ADHD!
I was anxious and stressed because I COULD NOT FIND MY KEYS before work and I insisted on wasting time looking for them, instead of the spares, so I could drive to work!  By the time I collected the spare keys I was running late for work!
When I got in my truck to go to work, I got on my cell phone to call my work mate that I would be arriving late, since I live only 5 blocks away from work, and I was in a hurry, I forgot to buckle up, and got pulled over for an illegal lane change, along with not being belted in, and using my cell phone while driving!

I should tell you there is no doubt my adrenaline was in hyperdrive because I am an over-conscientious employee, and my anxiety issues took over with my neglecting to buckle up, and the urge to phone work to say I would be late.

It all stemmed from the fact that I couldn't find my bundle of keys with my house key, garage key, truck key and radio station keys anywhere.  Then I had to look for replacements all separate, all over the place!

Yes, it was my fault I could not find my keys this afternoon, but also, the hook I used to put my keys on is situated over a radiator, and the bundle would fall behind the radiator and get stuck in there and it would take
strength to get behind the radiator and lift the radiator screen up to try and fish the bundle of keys out, so I wouldn't use the hook after a few of those "dropped key episodes!"

Now I need to pay a ticket with my credit card to a 1800 number tomorrow.  I won't contest it in court, another case of my ADHD, but I am not protected, when something happens, when I make mistakes, I still have to pay the price.

I tell ya, I'm really at the point where I will bike to work, instead of drive.

The police officer was good, and I did my best to be cooperative.
Also, my insurance card is NOT A CARD, just a scrap of paper from Farmer's Insurance.
When I used to have my insurance with State Farm, they would give me a card I could keep in my wallet.

Needless to say the scrap of paper, with my insurance information, and the other scrap with my truck registration was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!
Tomorrow I will have to TCB (take care of business!)

At it's best ADHD sucks.  The lesson I learned is to don't sweat the big stuff.
Stay cool, IN ALL EVENTS!


Amy Z.
Here is a lovely poem I found online to calm my mind.  ~ Author unknown.

Sometimes people come into your life

and you know right away that they were

meant to be there... to serve some

sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or

help figure out who you are or who you

want to become. You never know who

these people may be but when you lock

eyes with them, you know that every

moment that you are with them, they

will affect your life in some profound

way. And sometimes things happen to

you at the time that may seem horrible,

painful and unfair, but in reflection

you realize that without overcoming

those obstacles you would have never

realized your potential, strength,

will power or heart.

Everything happens for a reason!

Nothing happens by chance or by means

of good luck. Illness, injury, love,

lost moments of true greatness and sheer

stupidity all occur to test the limits

of your soul. Without these small

tests, life would be like a smoothly

paved, straight, flat road to nowhere,

safe and comfortable but dull and

utterly pointless.

The people you meet affect your life.

The successes and downfalls that you

experience can create who you are, and

the bad experiences can be learned

from.... In fact, they are probably the

most poignant and important ones.

If someone hurts you, betrays you or

breaks your heart, forgive them because

they have helped you learn about trust

and the importance of being cautious

to whom you open your heart. If someone

loves you, love them back unconditionally

not only because they love you, but

also because they are teaching you to

love and open your heart and eyes to

little things.

MAKE EVERYDAY COUNT! Appreciate every moment and take from it everything

that you possibly can, for you may never

be able to experience it again. Talk to people who you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, even if it doesn't seem right because you are too young or too far, just follow your heart. Surround yourself with those who make you smile, laugh, and make you happy.

Break free and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create your own life then LET GO and LIVE IT

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daily Tip: Learn about your brain before you follow your heart

The state of your brain affects your mood, impulse and emotion. 
Did you see the entertaining Billy Bob Thorten movie, "School for Scoundrels?"
Then you know what I am talking about.
No need to try the self-help method to cope with a problem brain, you need professionals to
check out what your problem may be, especially when coping with ADD/ADHD, anxiety and/or depression.  The state of your brain can really mess up your world, and your life!  Where the brain goes, the body follows, and woe betide the person who can't rein in their brain's impulses and urges!
If you suffer from ADD/ADHD, then education about your brain and its chemistry is in order.
Go get checked out if you suspect something is wrong.
Trust me, you will be glad you did.
When others say your foul mood, or whiney problems are all in your head, they are right.
Love your brain, and feed it well, take good care of it, and when necessary, get it the help it needs to
let you live a happy and productive, fulfilling and successful life!
(Success in my books, is when your sane side feels in control of you, and not your crazy side!)
Amy Zents
Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Friday, May 21, 2010

Daily Tip: Shop online if the salesperson bugs you!

PREAMBLE:  Do you know the difference between a Canuck and a New Yorker?
A New Yorker says, "Ay, get off my car."  A Canuck says, "Get off my car, ay?"
I used to think that joke was funny, but now I think it stinks.  I am very glad I grew up in Toronto, Canada.  I got a lot of thrills going to theatres, museums, galleries, fine restaurants, food markets, beautiful parks, shops not to mention OHIP (Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan) and the fine metro Toronto school system, along with Ontario Place and numerous other glamourous and exciting places that I used to frequent in Toronto.  
I do love New York, but I also love Canada! 
I still say, "AY," all the time, now with 2 thumbs up!

Today's observatiion of my ADHD feelings and behaviors entitled, "A Spoiled Shopping Trip."

      Perhaps this is paranoia, or self-confessed snobbery and not ADHD, but I often feel agitated and upset when I come home from a retail shopping expedition.  Esp. when the matter concerns clothes and/or accessory shopping.
      Today was one such day.  I went to a store, shopped, found some cute things on clearance, and the salesperson pawed through each and everyone of my garments in slow motion, making comments about each and every garment as she went. 
      Her opinions were positive, and perhaps she was trying to be friendly, but it took a really long time for me to get my things, and her comments about my taste, although positive, made me feel gross, guilty and ashamed that I am getting these nice new things and she wasn't, and also very, very annoyed.
I wish she would just hold her tongue, and not tell me what she thought about my stuff.
The other thing I hate is when they keep an inky pen on the counter, and I worry it will get all over my nice new clothes!
     (Another thing I hate is being kept waiting.  Today I called work, and was put on hold for 10 min.  I am also lacking in patience with telephones.  I called back, and finally got through to my boss.  Don't even get me started on online bill-pay, and automated phone calls.)
     But getting back to my previous topic.  Is it selfish to just want someone to ring up your purchases without comment? 
     I do NOT like salespeople who treat everything you own like some kind of public property that they can try on or use, drive or play with, while you are the one who is paying for the item.  And I dislike those who critique and make uncomfortable remarks about the stuff I buy whether the remark is positive or negative.  Am I wrong or bad to assume this?  I was not raised in a commune.  My sister didn't borrow my things, and if I ever breathed on her stuff or tried to take it and use it without permission there would be h*** to pay!
     True story.  One time, in Chicago, while buying a special sparkly winter wrap with a belt, the salesgirl went ahead and put it on herself because she liked it, and wanted me to see how she looked in it!  I had just paid for it and she was wearing it!
Should I care how SHE looks in it?  Why not?  Perhaps it is because she is NOT the one buying it! 
I don't even want to talk about how many gals who "made me" let them try on my gorgeous diamond engagement ring, and I just let them!  I finally had to stop when one gal couldn't pull it off her fat finger, and it frightened me.  Now I just say that I don't take my wedding rings off for any reason!
Another time I wanted to buy a lawnmower and the salesguy kicked the side of the mower to show me how tough it was.  I was appalled!  Needless to say, I didn't buy the mower he slammed with his boot!
     I rarely, if ever, allow friends to borrow my clothes these days.  For my nerves, it would be better for me if I would just give my stuff to them, but I don't want to.  Why should I? 
As a kid, I used to loan many of my things freely, so others would like me, but I secretly resented them for using my stuff only because I would let them. At school I remember friends never returning things I loaned them.  One neighbour girl assalted me, by punching me really hard, after I asked her to return the Speedo swimsuit I'd loaned her.  I never got that bathing suit back.  In college, some students would borrow my textbooks only to turn them into the bookstore to get cash back so they could go party.
I was a sucker back then, all because I have ADHD, and wanted to be liked.
Nowadays, I just feel betrayed whenever people ask me to borrow my clothes and jewelry.  What's worse is when they take what is not theirs without asking, automatically assuming they can borrow anything I own because they are my friend.  One of my former best friends came over one time and took a walnut from the nut dish, and cracked it under her heel on the living room carpet of my family's home, leaving shells on the floor, and gobbling up the nut part in front of me.  I was stunned at her audacity, but we remained friends because that kind of abuse was supposed to happen, right?  NOT! 
     Throughout my life I've often had friends who feel entitled to try on my clothes, shoes, and accessories without asking me to do so.  Maybe boundaries about other people's property weren't taught to the folks I knew.  But, they were to me.  I grew up in the big, bad city, by a tough German mother, where you had to mind your own business, or else suffer!  Or so I believed.  Truth was, even in the big, bad city, folks are curious, covetous, or plain unkind to you as well.
     I am grateful to have pretty things, and I think it is a backhand compliment to me that some people like some of my stuff, but can they please leave my things alone?  It would be a different story if I was grabbing their things and wearing them, or if we gave each other permission to do so, but I am not one of those types and friends who want to wear my things quickly turn into a nuisance, but not only that, they don't seem to care about making me feel guilty for saying, "No."  It's hard to say no to a friend.
     When it comes to annoying salesclerks, I guess I can always shop online, and keep the strangers out of my stuff.  Yet, I find it hard to shop online, due to the bill pay, and such, not to mention the security risk.  And let me tell you, there IS a security risk.  Let the online shopper beware!
     I think I will just try and go to stores when I need something, buy my stuff, and hope that the salesperson I get is not a pain, or that there is such a great line behind me there isn't time for the salesperson to monkey with me or try and make me feel guilty for buying pretty things on sale that they may have overlooked or wish for themselves to own!
   I don't want to turn into that TV character MONK, or a Howard Hughes germaphobe or agoraphobe, but I do wish some folks would respect other people's stuff, and not critique or wear it without permission!
Have a great weekend,

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily Tip: You are wiser and stronger than you think!

You can be successful if you really want to.  Still, being a victim of circumstances and a victim of ADD/ADHD can take its toll. 
You can be blown about by the winds of adversity, or you can decide to stand your ground and be strong.
Break free from the past failures and focus on present success.  Do all the little things you can to make the big things possible.
Study all about what it is you want to be, have and achieve and be motivated to rise off your butt and begin!
The first step to failure is self-pity, the first step to success is a will to rise and take that first little step.  Go forth and plant seeds of success now!  Dream it and do it.  I am, and so can you!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily Tip: The best way to start is to just begin.

Does it matter when you get necessary work done? 
I am a night owl.  By day, I generally play, but at night I come alive and work hard.
What does this mean?
Just go with your natural flow.
When it's time to work.  Work.  If you can, work at your personal peak hours.
I hope you can!
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Tip: Structure is not just a building, but a boon to a great life!

“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.”
Flaubert quotes (French writer, 1821-1880)

To have a structured life is the ultimate boon to those of us with scattered focus and short-attention spans.

ADD/ADHD is a horrible handicap to cope with in this modern computer age.
I can go online to do one thing and burn up hours sidetracked surfing about other things than for the reason really logged on.

To have structure in one's life, to own it and to live it, is hardly an easy thing.
Who wants boring sameness? 
What if that boring sameness allows you to find the tools you need to be violent and original in your work?
So, simplify and codify your stuff in bins and boxes, shelves and drawers, if you can. 

I am embarking on a 90 day project of doing that very thing in my life and I will post my progress right here for you to see on a new blog I have decided to call, "Time to clean up my mess!"

Perhaps that will motivate me to have more structure in my life.
Amy Zents

“Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos.”

Will Durant quotes (American Writer and Historian, collaborator of his wife, Ariel Durant. 1885-1981)

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Tip: Don't waste yourself or your time

“We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.”  - Alice Bloch

It seems "Time" for folks with ADD/ADHD is something to dread.   Especially dreadful is the disappearance of time.  A future event which seems so far away to others, isn't so far away to us, and that makes things seem all the worse.
Being over-stimulated and distracted gobbles up enormous amounts of time, making days and months go by so fast that it makes one wonder where the time went!
Just switching tasks can lead to overwhelm and take up too much time.
There needs to be a few moments spent in organization to save hours of time.
It may mean deciding on 4 simple tasks, and then doing them before adding more tasks to your plate.
So, don't waste yourself, or your time.
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daily Tip: Pause when under pressure

(Sometimes we all get the napkin with the hole.)
Here is a familiar scenario.  This actually happened today:
"I hate to be under pressure.
When my mind is occupied and I am not paying attention to you then I know I am under pressure.
Because I have ADHD I will brush you off by agreeing to whatever it is you ask of me, then I will make a promise I cannot keep.
I have a short-attention span, and by your request, I was put under more pressure.  So, I agreed to your request and did NOT follow through.
It is not that you are unimportant, it is just that I cannot focus well when I am stressed.
I am sorry."
I realize now I need to slow down when I feel stressed and under pressure.
Most of all, I need to try and avoid agreeing to anything anyone might ask me.
I will simply say, with backbone:  "I am unable to think clearly, please wait while I get in a better frame of mind."
     Otherwise, I will pay closer attention and try to do the right thing, instead of blowing the person off by agreeing to do (BUT NOT REALLY DO) what they ask of me.
Stay cool, and hang loose,
Amy Z

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daily Tip: Avoid Automatic Eating if you want to avoid unwanted weight gain.

With warmer weather, you may think about building muscles to get in shape for the beach.
I found a nice website with Tips for Better Living

I think the tip on avoiding automatic eating is a huge help.  Folks with ADD/ADHD very often have problems with unhealthy eating habits, and overeating.  It is easy to grab and go.  It may make you happy now, but if you take a look at the long-run, your gobbling up junk may make you less healthy and more fat!
I watch TV and eat.  The food goes in automatically and it's not improving matters.
You know how much you can put in your mouth during an intriguing TV show?
Sound familiar?
You know the TV trap?   You start eating and you don't stop.
It is a risk to health and fitness and you can gain unwanted pounds.
I would like to stop eating in front of the TV.  I kind of like the experience of eating in front of the TV.
But, I must simply stop.  It is not easy, but it is something that makes sense.
Now that I am trying to lose weight, it is hard. 
There is a lot of denial involved with being overweight and eating. 
I think since I am changing to a more sensible diet, I should protect my success.
I have started by incorporating having at least one fresh fruit or vegetable salad a day.
I have even started a blog about it.  Here is the link.  
Also, to stay more body conscious, and aware of my appearance, so as to look more appealing at work and at play I have created this blog.

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Friday, May 14, 2010

Daily Tip: Spank yourself or fail!.

"Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period."  Lou Holtz

Self-delusion happens when you tell yourself you're doing fine, when you really know you are not.
If you have your sights set on achieving something that takes personal effort, such as coping with ADD/ADHD problems. such as clutter, organization and focus, you need SELF-DISCIPLINE!

You may need to figuratively "spank yourself," that is, get tough and discipline yourself.
Spanking yourself, that is, reassessing your failings and correcting them through good counsel or psychological help, are a couple of suggestions you may try to win the game.  You decide.
Be wise, be your own critic.  Know this:  Discipline of self will afford you to be free of the critics, and successful in the eyes of the person who matters most, you.

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daily Tip: Simple Spaces are Sensational for Simple Living!

OK.  So we of the ADD/ADHD-type are in need of a lot sensory stimulation, and we tend to attract to ourselves tons and tons of STUFF!!!
What of it?  It is often the case, that our NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM, and A VACUUM CLEANER!
So, the best solution to keep things clean and tidy may be SIMPLY to simplify your surroundings by CLEANING UP and CLEANING OUT as much excess clutter as you can!
Easier said then done, but I hope you will do it.
I have resolved to do it and will continue to do it every day.
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Tip: Surround yourself with minds that lift you up!

If you feel downhearted remember all the wonderful folks who inspire, and see if you can't visit with them by watching them on YouTube, reading their books or visiting their websites.
We live in a world of light and dark.  Sometimes the dark obscures all the light that is out there.
Seek and ye shall find.
The Internet is a two-edged sword, it can suck you in and and bring you down, or else you can use it to build you up and inspire you through role models past and present.
Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

PS.  Here is a tribute video I made to Marilyn Monroe.  Her loveliness was inspiring, even though her personal life was a disappointment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daily Tip: Read, lead, and relax!

Above is a photo my husband took on our honeymoon in St. Maarten.
In this short-attention span world, there is much available to read. We read in snippets and sound bites.
What about reading an entire novel?

Are you up to it?
Escape in a good read, travel to exotic places, learn about new things, and feed your soul!
To get back into reading fiction, I have chosen the "Beekeepers Apprentice," a young adult fiction book.  I love Sherlock Holmes fan books, and anything to do with the men of 221B Baker St.
Have a happy time reading.  I remember my mother used to lose herself in books, and I hope to always find time to do the same.

Reading often is a great way to keep sharp, and it is also very entertaining, and economical!
There's always that public library brimming with good things to read for free!
Remember readers are leaders. 
"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” Ralph Nader

Amy Zents

Make sure to enjoy a sample of original music from my band Molly and Sonny Boy's newest CD release

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Tip: "A walk a day keeps Old Age at Bay!" Amy Zents

"A walk a day keeps Old Age at Bay!" - Amy Zents
My daily tip is based on a truism I have noticed here in the Midwest: Folks who walk stay younger longer!!!
Dogs may help make you live longer as well, especially if you walk the little buddies 3 or 4 times a day!
So, get out walking, stay healthy and keep young.
If you have ADD/ADHD, you may also suffer from excessive worry and anxiety as well, and nothing beats the blues like a good old-fashioned walkabout!
Here I am in Victoria, BC out for a walk in Chinatown with my mum!

Peace, and walk it out!
Amy Zents

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Daily Tip: Love and kindness are never wasted

Moms with ADHD have particular challenges and are most likely to be single parents with low incomes.
Check out this article on Mothers with ADHD.
Happy Mother's Day,
Amy Zents

Children and mothers never truly part - Bound in the beating of each other's heart. -Charlotte Gray

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daily Tip: The difference between work and play is based on your obligations.

The great Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain is quoted as saying:
"Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do.
Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do."
So, work is the stuff you feel you have to do, as simple as that.
Knowing this may help us put into context the dreaded tasks we all must do.
As Nike slogan says, "Just do it."
Play, however, is being able to do what you want. 
Some folks call it "goofing off."
How does one find more time to play, or to "goof off?"
Eliminate stuff you feel obliged to do as much as possible.
Decide now what is important to you and what isn't, and then pare down your work.
Otherwise, you can continue to complain about your huge amounts of work, but now you know:
"Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do."
Go play!
Amy Z

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Daily tip: "You've got the power, if you've got the passion!" ~ Amalia Zents

What is the seat of your motivation?  Are you tired, uninspired, and feeling worn out?
There is a saying, by Denis Waitley,

“Out of need springs desire, and out of desire springs the energy and the will to win.”

I think this is true.
You may think you lack nothing.  But, we all know a passion we have, that if we could pursue it, it would bring us great happiness and satisfaction.
What do you NEED, and what are you passionate about?
Tap into that to find the source of your energy, then ignite that passion by feeding it with positive role models, thinking and actions directed to your goal.
Fuel your desires, and pursue your passions with all your might for energy and inspiration.
People will marvel at your stamina and persistance!  Don't forget to keep that "pilot light" lit, and don't let anyone or anything quench your fire!  And, if it gets doused by naysayers or "crap," just re-ignite it again!
Remember time tends to fly when there is no direction in your day.
Decide now what you feel you need, and are passionate about.  Go for it!
Maria Callas, the famed opera singer once was quoted as saying, "It is better to wear out, than to rust out!"  So shake that booty and make your life beautiful!
Amy Zents

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daily Tip: Life is very short. There is no time for negativity.

We have a nice name for our dog Cole.  It is "Fast Frenchie."
Why?  Well, if you are lying in bed or somewhere in his proximity he will try and quickly stick his tongue in your mouth attempting to get a taste of what you've been eating.
I know.  It's gross.  But, we laugh and laugh every time he attempts to give us a fast french kiss.
This morning was particularly trying for me.
My husband was tired and hungry when he came home from work.
I made him breakfast and we had to clear up some computer stuff, like okaying some signage, and buying gifts online for family.
Detail work, especially online, is trying to folks with ADHD or ADD.
Still, we got it done and it wiped us out.
Nevertheless, we got on the topic of Dr. Zhivago, we saw in today's paper that it is now available on blu-ray.
I was in a pessimisstic mood and I quipped, "I don't want it.  It's just a movie about an illegitimate girl who has to work in a factory all her life and her father gets off a streetcar and dies of an aneurysm."
My husband said, "Aww.  It's a romance."
I said, "I took my "ban negativity" bracelet off upstairs.  I'm not wearing it, can you tell?"  I have this bracelet (a rubber one) I am supposed to snap everytime I think and say something negative.
"I can tell," my husband said.  "You took the cynic view instead of the scenic view!"
We laughed and laughed.
Life is very short.  There is no time to be negative!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily Tip: Failure is never an option, if you think of each day as a chance for success.

I just found out about some of my former college classmates. 
They are celebrities in their fields and acclaimed by Wikipedia and their professional societies.
So, must I feel like a failure in comparison?
I guess it depends on my attitude.
Life is not made a success or failure by some other person's opinion, but our own.  Therefore, we can view everyday as an opportunity to find happiness in ways that holds meaning for each of us individually, which IMHO is what real success is.
Still, there is no need to disregard accollades and awards. 
If you came by them justly, then you deserve them and should feel delighted.
Still, for every so-called "winner," remember, others must lose.
So, that is why, as far as formal competitions go, I don't feel their value very strongly.
I do however, love competing in games, with friends, and I should add, I generally lose.
But, it was fun playing the games, and that is all I expect out of them.
You win some, you lose some!
What do you long to achieve in life?
It is in the individual stitches that we make the garment whole.  The garment of our lives is made up of tiny steps we take, each and every day, that help us towards our goal. 
In other words, you can reach your desired achievement, day by single day, if you keep your mind on incorporating the right tasks into your routine.
What steps do you need to make as part of your daily routine?
For instance, getting to the gym, getting enough sleep, using your peak energy hours to invest in making strides in your field, also, to enjoy your down-time, by not allowing worry to crowd out your pleasure.
Enjoy life and make each and every day a success by doing the important things that matter to you and your dreams! 
Let's appreciate ourselves better.  Let's put meaning into our chosen tasks, creating our own ideal life, by finding ways to build into our daily routine, those particular actions necessary, that will help us reach our desired destinations in a fail-safe manner!
We may need to research which actions are best to help us to go directly to our goals.  That is a topic for another day.
Nevertheless, chances are, we may never find the way to please everyone, or have or be everything others expect us to be, but we can accept and believe in ourselves, and we can act with purpose towards our goals on a daily basis, and that IMHO is what success is all about!
Self-pity is for losers!  Either poop or get off the pot!  You decide. 
 It's your move!  No blame-game.
"If it is to be, it is up to me!," means you and I are each responsible for making things happen, that we want to make happen!
As for my colleagues who have found celebrated "success," I will not envy them. 
I will congratulate them!  They paid the price. They put themselves out there.  Bully for them!
So, rather than be pressured by others success, I will decide to make my own success, regardless of whether the world crowns it with glory.
I will start building a fail-safe life of my own, by focusing on my personal dreams of what I regard as successful (such as, good health habits, clean living space, fun times with family and friends, more wealth,) and deciding on daily goals that will help me, on a daily basis, one task at a time, to get there.  You can too!
Peace, happiness, and daily success, is my wish for everyone!
It is our birthright, but it is up to us to claim it!
:-) Amy Zents

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daily Tip: Pets add happiness to your life, so take good care of them!

Enjoy my little video that celebrates pets today.  They make our lives busy and joyful!  For those of us with ADD/ADHD, they help us to feel enlivened.   Thank goodness for our warm, friendly and adorable little (and not so little) friends! 

If you want to, please check out my blog comic Cole's Kibble,

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Daily Tip: Sometimes it's better to forget to do a TO-DO list!

I enjoyed this video on YouTube.  You may too!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daily Tip: Note when you feel in "flow," and note what got you there.

Ever experience that blissful calm in work called "FLOW?"
What was so special about that day?
What made you FEEL SO GOOD at work?
Perhaps you were floating in a fine state after spending a day on the links, or practicing music before work, like me, or after a cruise on your motorcycle, or after a weekend at the beach.
Whatever it means to you, make time to get your head and heart in the right state before you work.
The state of flow.
Then take note of what got you there!
There is no greater feeling than being in flow, that is, feeling in sync with life and your surroundings.
Amy Zents

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Daily Tip: Take a day to get away

We love to go on little journeys to relax.  Sometimes it's going shopping or going to a show.
But, if you wish you could get away, then take a day and do it!
Have a wonderful day!
Amy Zents

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