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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Please don't drink and drive

For people with ADHD time does not really connect with one's consciousness.
Tonight I was thinking about a suicide that happened last week in my town.
A guy accidentally killed two people while driving drunk. He was remorseful and killed himself.
Tonight I thought about getting behind the wheel and going to work. I had had two shots of Peach Schnapps in a large Fuzzy Navel.
It dawned on me, I am tipsy. I almost went to work with no thought of being high.
I almost drove to work. If I were pulled over, I would have been busted!!!!
I could have crashed into someone. I did not think. It's always go! go! go!
From now on, this reminds me to slow down and think! I don't want to re-enact a story that
happens too often, when people forget they shouldn't drive.


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